Our brand started through a necessity to have healthy, smooth, manageable, frizz free hair. As technology has advanced, so has our science. Our products were created to give hair everything it needs to be healthy, renewed, restored, and smooth. We believe that everyone can have the hair they have always dreamed of without sacrificing quality and the health of their hair. Our promise is the beautiful, healthy, and strong hair made from high quality, natural, organic ingredients, and without Formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates, or harsh chemicals.


We develop new technology with the goal of expanding the art and science of cosmetology.

The more stylists and consumers can explore and expand their hair possibilities, the more creative we all become.


  • Offer breakthrough technology for superior results.
  • Enhance cosmetologist skills.
  • Develop new services that create value and enhance salon business.
  • Create inspirational partnerships with salon professionals and Retailers.
  • Assist in elevating the unique culture and business atmosphere of the beauty industry.
  • Assist in the growth and business development of our distributors, salons, and retailers.
  • Created in 2008, Keratin Cure treatments revolutionized the beauty industry. Giving the ability to many clients to eliminate frizz, curl, and repair and rejuvenate hair.
  • We continue to develop breakthroughs in hair science.
  • Our products give distributors, salons, and stylists the ability to bring in tremendous income.
  • We offer products and treatments for all hair types.


Headquartered in Miami Gardens, Florida featuring a full GMP facility, test salon, R&D and full sales, marketing, and design team.


  • Over 100,000 Square feet in storage capacity (third party).
  • Secured storage in Climate controlled environment.
  • Freight Optimization.
  • Domestic and International Shipping/freight, through trusted shipping freight forwarding companies.
  • A team that is always ready to pick, pack, and ships your collateral to anywhere in the world.
  • International warehouses on-demand.


  • Filling capacity to accommodate the needs of the Sally/BSG infrastructure (several third parties).
  • Ability to fill 15,000 bottles per day.


  • Distributed worldwide

Restore to bring back into existence, to bring back to an original or normal condition