Smooth to make more polished, elegant, free of waves

Smooth to make more polished, elegant, free of waves

 Our Science

Why continue to use 10 year old science, when you can have the latest ingredients and technology. Based in years of research and use, our Glycolic blend combined with our own ELIXICURE formulation has created revolutionary lasting results. Leaders in the beauty and cosmetics industries have stood by the anti-aging, hydrating and rejuvenating properties of glycolic acid. We have taken those properties and principals and created a safer and superior smoothing treatment and styling products. As trends and technology grow, we have the ability to grow and adapt with it.

 Exclusive ELIXYCURE formula:

• Glycolic Acid

  • Prevents and repairs breakage.
  • Helps eliminate frizz and make hair more manageable, easier to style.
  • Makes hair softer and smoother.
  • Moisturizes hair and scalp, which promotes hair growth and healthy hair.
  • Has the ability to penetrate hair fiber in order to deliver deeper results.
  • Tensile testing conclusions showed that healthy, bleached, relaxed and damaged hair all experienced a significant decrease in elastic modulus and stiffness.

•Hydrolyzed Keratin(Natural Sheep’s wool. NO animals are harmed it is the wool collected from normal sheep shearing procedure.)

• Silk Protein

  • Improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, and increases shine (silk is known for it’s ability to hold 10,000 times it’s weight in water).

• BonTL-peptide

  • Stimulate skin and hair repair.
  • Stimulate sebaceous glands in the scalp which helps hair grow and repair.
  • Stimulates microcirculation in the scalp.

• Honey

  •   A natural humectant, it hydrates and nourishes dry and damaged hair by feeding the hair follicles.

• Argan(Organic)

  •   High in omega 9 fatty acid, Vitamin E, and antioxidants which increase strength.
  •   Helps repair damage and add shine and softness.

• Prickly pear(Organic)

  •   Double the omega 9 fatty acids of Argan to increase strength and nourish hair.
  •   Increase in hydration and moisturizing properties.

• Peppermint(Organic)

  •   Stimulates hair growth and healthy scalp.

• Marula(Organic)

  •   Healing, hydrating, and nourishing.
  •   Decreases water loss.
  •   Improves elasticity.

• Hemp(Organic)

  •   Stimulates hair growth.
  •   Strengthens the hair.

Powerful having great power

Powerful having great power