GPC 2pc Hair Treatment Kit


Gold Protein Cure Shampoo & Conditioner is a powerful vitamin and botanically packed gentle cleaner. Proven to give lasting shine. Moisturized with multi-extract full ingredients. It is safe for colors and treatments. Sulfate free. For daily use.

Essential blends of Organic Extracts:

Prickly Pear Seed Oil ~ is another beauty treasure, and unique strong beauty elixir for the hair. The pure cold-pressed prickly pear oil has a very high rate Tocopherol (Vitamin E), is an extreme natural antioxidant. It is a natural barrier for the free radicals that cause aging. Prickly pear oil rejuvenates hair and also gives it slight lifting effect. Regular use results elasticity and natural shine, and leaves no greasy traces.


1. GPC  Clarifying Shampoo.

2. GPC Hair Treatment.


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